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Waterfront Lady (October 5, 1935)

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Waterfront Lady

Released October 5, 1935: (running time 58 minutes) A playboy gambling ship operator takes the rap for a murder that his boss committed, and while hiding from the cops on the waterfront, meets the lady of his dreams.

Produced by Nat Levine

Directed by Joseph Santley

The Actors: Ann Rutherford (Joan O'Brien) Frank Albertson (Ronny Hillyer), J. Farrell MacDonald (Captain O'Brien), Barbara Pepper (Gloria Vance), Charles C. Wilson (Jim 'Mac' McFee), Grant Withers (Tod), Purnell Pratt (District Attorney Shaw), Jack La Rue (Tom Burden), Ward Bond (Jess), Paul Porcasi (Tony Spadaloni), Mary Gordon (Mrs. O'Flaherty), Mathilde Comont (Mrs. Spadaloni), Robert Emmett O'Connor (Police Lieutenant), Clarence Wilson (the truant officer), Victor Potel (Alex), Wally Albright (Mickey O'Flaherty), Smiley Burnette (musician), Naomi Judge (Mrs. DeLacy), Norma Taylor (the blonde casino patron), Dorothy Ates (the pushy blonde), Lynton Brent (the croupier), Jack Chefe (casino extra), Kernan Cripps (Bates, detective), Sam Harris (casino gambler), John Ince (craps shooter), Frankie Marvin (musician) Lew Meehan (radio patrol driver), Frank Meredith (patrol boat officer), Charlotte Miles (Mrs. Homer), Jack Pennick (ship gambler), Lee Phelps (J.W. Blake, detective), Dick Rush (raid detective)

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