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A Face in the Fog (February 1, 1936)

A Face in the Fog

Released February 1, 1936: The actors in a Broadway play are being killed by a hunchback fiend firing frozen bullets.

Directed by Robert F. Hill

The Actors: June Collyer (Jean Monroe), Lloyd Hughes (Frank Gordon), Lawrence Gray (Peter Fortune), Jack Mulhall (Reardon), Al St. John (Elmer), John Cowell (Wilson), John Elliott (Detective Davis), Sam Flint (Harrison, the newspaper editor), Forrest Taylor (Bruce Cromwell), George Ball Trio (acrobatic trio), Ramsdall Dancers (dance troupe), Donna Lee Trio (singers), George Ball (Ted Wallington, adagio dancer), Ed Cassidy (detective), Lane Chandler (policeman Kelly), Olin Francis (insurance investigator), Robert F. Hill (reporter) Donna Lee (Donna Lee Trio), Jack 'Tiny' Lipson (fat detective), George Morrell (drugstore owner), Fred Parker (Pop, the stage doorman), Robert Williams (policeman).


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