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Border Caballero (March 1, 1936)

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Border Caballero

Released March 1, 1936: Tim searches for the killers of his buddy, along with his buddy's girlfriend.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: Tim McCoy (Tim Ross), Lois January (Goldie Harris), Ralph Byrd (Tex Weaver), J. Frank Glendon (Wiley Taggart), Ted Adams (Buff Brayden), John Merton (Runnyian), Earle Hodgins (Doc Shaw), Jimmy Aubrey (town drunk), Dick Botiller (guard), Ralph Bucko (barfly), Roy Bucko (barfly), Horace B. Carpenter (spectator), Steve Clark (uniformed show performer), Tex Cooper (barfly), Ben Corbett (henchman), Rube Dalroy (spectator), Joe De La Cruz (Gonzales), Art Dillard (henchman), Jack Evans (henchman Jack), Art Felix (henchman), Oscar Gahan (townsman), Harrison Greene (promoter for Doc Shaw), Herman Hack (Crowley the town banker), Ray Henderson (barfly), Si Jenks (townsman), Cactus Mack (barfly), Ted Mapes (Deputy), William McCall (barfly), Frank McCarroll (henchman), Clyde McClary (Deputy), Bud McClure (henchman), Robert McKenzie (Douglas County Sheriff), Milburn Morante (spectator), George Morrell (spectator), Buck Moulton (henchman), Artie Ortego (henchman), Bill Patton (spectator), Tex Phelps (barfly), Bud Pope (townsman), Bob Reeves (spectator), Jack Rockwell (Cherokee County Sheriff), Henry Roquemore (Murdock), Al Taylor (henchman), Arthur Thalasso (bartender), Slim Whitaker (henchman Slim), Bill Wolfe (spectator).


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