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Daniel Boone (October 16, 1936)

George O'Brien is Daniel Boone

Released October 16, 1936: Daniel Boone fights Indians and renegades to settle in the hills of Kentucky.

Directed by David Howard

The Actors: George O'Brien (Daniel Boone), Heather Angel (Virginia Randolph), John Carradine (Simon Girty), Ralph Forbes (Stephen Marlowe), George Regas (Black Eagle), Dickie Jones (Master Jerry Randolph), Clarence Muse (Pompey), Huntley Gordon (Sir John Randolph), Harry Cording (Joe Burch), Aggie Herring (Mrs. Mary Burch), Crauford Kent (Attorney General), Keith Hitchcock (the commissioner), Chief John Big Tree (Wyandotte warrior), Dick Curtis (John Finch, frontiersman), Baron James Lichter (Ben Stevens), John Merton (messenger from Richmond), Edward Peil Sr. (frontiersman in lone wagon), Tom Ricketts (the Attorney General's associate).


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