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It Couldn't Have Happened, But it Did! (August 1, 1936)

It Couldn't Have Happened, But it Did!

Released August 1, 1936: The producers of a Broadway play are murdered, and the author of the play tries to solve the crime.

Directed by Phil Rosen

The Actors: Reginald Denny (Greg Stone), Evelyn Brent (Beverly Blake), Jack La Rue (Smiley Clark), Inez Courtney (Linda Sands), Hugh Marlowe (Edward Forrest), Claude King (Ellis Holden), Bryant Washburn (Norman Carter), Robert Homans (Police Leutenant O'Neill), Crauford Kent (Bob Bennett), Robert Frazer (Lloyd Schaefer, the stage manager), Miki Morita (Hashi the houseboy), Emily LaRue (Ingenue), Lynton Brent (Lansdale), Lester Dorr (the fingerprint expert), Henry Hall (manager of the Rochester Arms), Henry Herbert (Sherwwood), Dian Manners (Louise), Broderick O'Farrell (Johnson), Dick Rush (detective), Forrest Taylor (actor).


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