The Big Show (November 16, 1936)

Gene Autry at The Big Show

Released on November 16, 1936: (running time 53 minutes) Gene Autry thwarts gangsters at the Texas Centennary Celebration and rodeo.

Produced by Nat Levine

Directed by Mack V. Wright and Joseph Kane

The Actors: Gene Autry (Gene Autry and Tom Ford), Smiley Burnette (Frog), Kay Hughes (Marion Hill), Sally Payne (Toodles Brown), William Newell (Lee Wilson), Max Terhune (the ventriloquist), Charles Judels (Swartz the studio head), Sons of the Pioneers (musicians), The Jones Boys (singers), The Beverly Hill Billies (musicians), The Light Crust Doughboys (musicians), Rex King (Fred Collins), Harry Worth (Tony Rico), Mary Russell (Mary), Christine Maple (Miss Van Everly, Ford's Fiance), Jerry Larkin (henchman Blackie), Jack O'Shea (henchman Joe), Wedgwood Nowell (the movie director), Antrim Short (studio assistant), June Johnson (studio secretary), Grace Durkin (studio girl), Richard Beach (studio assistant), Elton Britt (musician with the Beverly Hill Billies Band), Horace B. Carpenter (studio gate man), George Chesebro (henchman), Hugh Farr (Sons of the Pioneers violinist), Karl Farr (Sons of the Pioneers guitarist), Aleth Hansen (musician with the Beverly Hill Billies Band), Edward Hearn (studio man), I. Stanford Jolley (parade extra), Cornelius Keefe (studio actress), Jeanne Lafayette (studio actress), Tracy Layne (henchman), Frankie Marvin (movie lot cowboy), Art Mix (studio stunt double), Marvin 'Smokey' Montgomery (musician with The Light Crust Doughboys), Frances Morris (studio script girl), Bob Nolan (Sons of the Pioneers Bassist), Captain Leonard Pack (himself), Jack Rockwell (studio actor), Roy Rogers (Sons of the Pioneers guitarist), Helen Servis (studio actress), The SMU 50 (Southern Methodist University Marching Band), Rudy Sooter (musician with the Beverly Hill Billies Band), Tim Spencer (Sons of the Pioneers singer), Martin Stevenson (studio actor), Slim Whitaker (henchman)


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