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Windbag the Sailor (December 1, 1936)

Will Hay in Windbag the Sailor

Released December 1, 1936: Will Hay's exaggerated bragging gets him into a boat load of trouble when he is mistaken for an experienced sea captain and talked into commanding an important shipment.

Directed by William Beaudine

The Actors: Will Hay (Captiain Ben Cutlet), Moore Marriott (Jeremia Harbottle), Graham Moffatt (Albert Brown), Norma Varden (Olivia Potter-Porter), Kenneth Warrington (Yates), Dennnis Wyndham (Maryatt), Amy Veness (Emma Harbottle), Peter Gawthorne (bit part), George Merritt (officer on the yacht), Charles Rolfe (second detective), Leonard Sharp (crew member), Harry Terry (crew member), Persy Walsh (Captain of the 'Rob Roy').


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