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Come On, Cowboys (May 24, 1937)

The Three Mesquiteers in Come On, Cowboy

Released on May 24, 1937: The circus is in town, and one of the owners is making and passing counterfeit money, and the Three Mesquiteers hunt him down.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Robert Livingston (Stony Brooke), Ray Corrigan (Tucson Smith), Max Terhune (Lullaby Joslin), Maxine Doyle (Ellen Reed), Willie Fung (Fong), Edward Peil Sr. (Thomas Rigby), Horace Murphy (Judge Blake), Anne Bennett (Nancy Harris), Ed Cassidy (Jefferson 'Jeff' Harris), Roger Williams (Henchman Harry), Fern Emmett (bus passenger mother), Yakima Canutt (henchman Jake), George Burton (Sheriff), Merrill McCormick (henchman Dan), Loren Riebe (Henchman Red), Victor Allen (circus pitchman Jim), Al Taylor (henchman Tim), George Plues (henchman Mike), Ernie Adams (townsman), Lynton Brent (man in audience that heckles the tough guy), Bobby Burns (wedding witness), Jim Corey (the thin henchman capturing Lullaby), Oscar Gahan (Ranchhand, fiddle player), Henry Hall (townsman), Jack Kirk (the chunky henchman capturing Lullaby), Lillian Lawrence (the old maid in the carnival audience), Harley Luse (Ranchhand, accordian player), James A. Marcus (the Federal Judge), Milburn Morante (Zeke), George Morrell (the storekeeper), Jack O'Shea (deputy), Rose Plumer (townswoman attending to Lullaby), Tom Smith (man in audience), Carleton Young (Federal Prosecutor).


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