Gunsmoke Ranch (May 5, 1937)

The Three Mesquiteers in Gunsmoke Ranch

Released on May 5, 1937: When the Three Mesquiteers spot a crook that they remember from the past helping flood victims move to the Gunsmoke Ranch, they know that he is up to something no good, but can they find out what it is in time to help?

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Robert Livingston (Stony Brooke), Ray Corrigan (Tucson Smith), Max Terhune (Lullaby Joslin), Kenneth Harlan (Phineas T. Flagg), Jean Carmen (Marion Warren), Sammy McKim (Jimmy Warren), Ed 'Oscar' Platt (Oscar), Lou Fulton (Elmer Twiddlebaum), Burr Caruth (Judge Jonathan Warren), Allen Connor (henchman Reggie Allen), Yakima Canutt (henchman Spider), Horace B. Carpenter (Joe Larkin), Jane Keckley (Mathilda Larkin), Robert Walker (Seth Williams), Jack Ingram (cowhand Jed), Jack Kirk (Sheriff), Loren Riebe (henchman Hank), Vinegar Roan (henchman Zeke), Wes Warner (settler), Jack Padjan (henchman Charles 'Duke' Madden), Silver Tip Baker (settler), Richard Beach (surveyor), Bobby Burns (settler), Fred Burns (the livery stable owner), Budd Buster (settler), Bob Card (settler), Lee Ford (Perkins), June Johnson (young girl settler), William McCall (settler Flanagan), Bud McClure (settler), Eva McKenzie (settler's wife), Robert McKenzie (storekeeper), Peggy McKim (young girl settler), John Merton (Clem Jurgins, brawler), Jack O'Shea (settler), Fred Parker (settler), Edward Peil Sr. (dam engineer Rankin), Duke Taylor (henchman), Fred 'Snowflake' Toones (Snowflake).


The Law of Contact

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