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High Hat (January 1, 1937)

Franklin Pangborn in High Hat

Released on January 1, 1937: A washed up Opera singer finds a new career and love doing pop songs on the radio.

Produced by Clifford Sanforth

Directed by Clifford Sanforth

The Actors: Frank Luther (Swanee Collier), Dorothy Dare (Elanda Lee), Lona Andre (Dixie Durkin), Gavin Gordon (Gregory Dupont), Franklin Pangborn (Renaldo Breton), Esther Muir (Carmel Prevost), Ferdinand Munier (Horatio Parker), Robert Warwick (Craig Dupont Sr.), Clarence Muse (Congo MacRosenbloom), Harry Harvey (Nelson Connolly), Jack Edwards Jr. (performer), Sam Edwards (performer), Dolores Downey (performer), Peppy Downey (performer), Yvonne Downey (performer), Ted Dawson (himself, band leader), Ron Raymond (performer), Arnold Gray (performer), Kermit Holven (performer), Bruce Mitchell (mug), Fretta Shaw Singers (singers), Downey Sisters (singers)


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