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The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen (August 6, 1937)

Tex Ritter and the Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen

Released on August 6, 1937 - Tex is after a gang of outlaws that wear black hoods, and after shooting one of them, he puts on the hood to infiltrate the gang.

Directed by Ray Taylor

The Actors: Tex Ritter (Tex Martin), Iris Meredith (Nancy Wilson), Horace Murphy (Stubby), Charles King (Blackie Devlin), Earl Dwire (Sheriff Walker), Joseph W. Girard (Dan Farley), Lafe McKee (Tom Wilson), Hank Worden (Deputy), Ray Whitley (Saloon musicians' band leader), The Range Ramblers (Saloon musicians), Lynton Brent (Henchman Bill Dawson), Ken Card (banjo player, Ed Carey (barfly), Victor Cox (barfly), Rube Dalroy (barfly), Hugh Farr (fiddle player), Karl Farr (guitar player), Oscar Gahan (bartender), Allen Greer (barfly), Chick Hannan (Henchman Jake), Jack Hendricks (barfly), Johnny Luther (barfly), Clyde McClary (barfly), Buck Morgan (barfly), Tex Palmer (henchman), James Sheridan (Henchman and barfly), Jack C. Smith (Vigilante organizer)


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