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Danger on the Air (July 1, 1938)

Danger On The Air

Released on July 1, 1938: A mean but wealthy radio show sponsor is murdered and it is up to Benjamin Franklin Butts to solve the mystery.

Directed by Otis Garrett

The Actors: Nan Grey (Christina 'Steenie' MacCorkle), Donald Woods (Benjamin Franklin Butts), Jed Prouty (Harry Jones, the radio company boss), Berton Churchill (Caesar Kluck), William Lundigan (Dave Chapman, radio announcer), Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher (Finney Fish ad company man), Edward Van Sloan (Dr. Leonard Sylvester, charlatan), George Meeker (Tuttle, undercover FCC man), Frank Milan (Alexander MacCorkle), Lee J. Cobb (Tony Lisotti, the janitor), Johnny Arthur (Aiken), Peter Lind Hayes (Harry Lake, the call boy and aspiring performer), Louise Stanley (Maria Lisotti), Eloise Rawitzer (Miss Mildred Bello), Joe Downing (Gangster Joe Carney).


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