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The Port of Missing Girls (February 23, 1938)

The Port of Missing Girls

Released on February 23, 1938: A woman falsely accused of murder stows away on a ship headed for a South Seas island that is popular as a hideaway from the law.

Directed by Karl Brown

The Actors: Harry Carey (Captain Josiah Storm), Judith Allen (Della Mason), Milburn Stone (Jim Benton), Betty Compson (Chicago), Matty Fain (Duke Ransom), George Cleveland (Clinton), Jane Jones (Minnie), Willy Castello (Manuel), Horace B. Carpenter (bartender), Jack Cheatham (crewman), James Conaty (bartender), John Dilson (American Consul), I. Stanford Jolley (nightclub patron), Eddie Kane (Antonio Rossi), Sandra Karina (Sonya), Rex Lease (driver henchman), Lyle Moraine (Granville), Lee Phelps (Detective Ryan), Charles Rosoff (mopey Joe), Shirley Stone (girl in photo), Fred 'Snowflake' Toones (Misery the cook), Louis Vincenot (General Wong).


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