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The Renegade Ranger (September 16, 1938)

George O'Brien and Rita Hayworth in The Renegade Ranger

Released on September, 1938: A Texas Ranger is ordered to bring in a renegade rancher who is fighting corrupt govenrnment officials who took his ranch away from him.

Directed by David Howard

The Actors: George O'Brien (Captain Jack Steele), Rita Hayworth (Judith Alvarez), Tim Holt (Larry Corwin), Ray Whitley (Happy), Lucio Villegas (Don Juan Campielo), William Royle (Ben Sanderson), Cecilia Callejo (Tonia Campielo), Neal Hart (Sheriff Joe Rawlings), Monte Montague (henchman Monte), Bob Kortman (henchman Idaho), Charles Stevens (Manuel), Jim Mason (Hank), Tom London (henchman Red), Hank Bell (barfly), Ken Card (banjo player), Art Dillard (fighter in saloon), Al Haskell (man at fiesta), Ray Jones (man at fiesta), Chris-Pin Martin (Felipe), Frank O'Connor (bartender), Jack O'Shea (henchman), The Phelps Brothers (musicians), Earl Phelps (member of the Phelps Brothers), Norman Phelps (member of the Phelps Brothers), Tex Phelps (barfly), Willie Phelps (member of the Phelps Brothers), Tom Steele (fighter in saloon), Frank M. Thomas (Carson), Guy Usher (Major Jameson).


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