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Mutiny in the Big House (October 23, 1939)

Mutiny in the Big House

Released on October 23, 1939: When a prison chaplin tries to help a young man that forged a check and went to prison, the cell mate uses the young man unknowingly to help him plan an escape.

Directed by William Nigh

The Actors: Charles Bickford (Father Joe Collins), Barton MacLane (Red Manson), Pat Moriarity (Pat the warden), Dennis Moore (Johnny Davis), William Royle (Captain of the guards Ed Samson), Charley Foy (Convict Bitsy), George Cleveland (convict 'Dad' Shultz), Nigel De Brulier (Convict Mike Faleri), Eddie Foster (Convice Del), Richard Austin (singing Jim), Russell Hopton (Convict Frankie), Horace B. Carpenter (white-haired pedestrian), Jack Daley (cell block guard), Kit Guard (convict in the machine shop), Harry Hayden (Mr. Scott the parole board chairman), John Irwin (convict), I. Stanford Jolley (Convict Bill), Charles King (machine shop guard Harris), Wilbur Mack (the doctor), Merrill McCormick (Convict 'Doc'), Pat McKee (convict in machine shop), Wheeler Oakman (prison guard Benson), Dave O'Brien (prison guard Daniels), Artie Ortego (convict at the sewing machine), Edward Peil Sr. (prison gate guard), Jeffrey Sayre (Convict Milo), Harry Strang (tower guard), Blackie Whiteford (Convict in machine shop).


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