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Law of the Rio Grande (August 9, 1931)

Law of the Rio Grande

Released on August 9, 1931: A couple of outlaws escape from the Sheriff and try to go straight, but their old outlaw friends will try to get them back into trouble again.

Directed by Forrest Sheldon

The Actors: Bob Custer (Jim Norris, aka The Cub), Betty Mack (Judy Lanning), Carlton S. King (Colonel Lanning), Nelson McDowell (Wolf Hardy), Harry Todd (Cookie), Edmund Cobb (The Blanco Kid), Chuck Baldra (deputy), Hank Bell (Wolf Hardy gang member), Bob Burns (deputy), Fred Burns (first Sheriff), Jack Evans (Wolf Hardy gang member), Jack Kirk (Wolf Hardy gang member), Tracy Layne (henchman Trace), Charles Le Moyne (henchman Slim), Cliff Lyons (deputy), Lafe McKee (rancher), Artie Ortego (Lanning cowhand), Edward Peil Sr. (second Sheriff), Archie Ricks (barfly), Tom Smith (Wolf Hardy gang member).


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