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They Never Come Back (May 10, 1932)

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Regis Toomey in They Never Come Back

Released on May 10, 1932: A prizefighter is injured before he gets the chance at the championship, and may never fight again.

Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer

The Actors: Regis Toomey (Jimmy Nolan), Dorothy Sebastian (Adele Landon), Edward Woods (Ralph Landon), Greta Granstedt (Mary Nolan), Earle Foxe (Jerry Filmore), Gertrude Astor (Kate), James J. Jeffries (first referee), George Byron (Eddie Donovan), 'Little Billy' Rhodes (Master of Ceremonies), Jack Richardson (Hank Bates), Kit Guard (ring second), Milburn Morante (fight promoter), Jack Roper (Jimmy's trainer), Henry Sedley (waiter), Jack Silver (unknown), Charles Sullivan (Steve, Jerry's henchman).


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