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The Cowboy Counsellor (October 15, 1932)

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Hoot Gibson in Cowboy Counsellor

Released on October 10, 1932: A shyster lawyer tries to sell and use a false law book and a lady he is defending with bad law may pay the price for his crooked ways.

Directed by George Melford

The Actors: Hoot Gibson (Dan Alton), Sheila Bromley (Rugh Avery), Jack Rutherford (Bill Clary), Skeeter Bill Robbins (Deputy Lafe Walters), Al Bridge (Sheriff Matt Farraday), Fred Gilman (Luke Avery), Bobby Nelson (Bobby Avery), William Humphrey (Judge Kendell), Gordon De Main (replaced by Lorch), Merrill McCormick (the bearded prisoner), Sam Allen (hotel clerk), Silver Tip Baker (barfly), Chuck Baldra (deputy), Bob Burns (juror), Fred Burns (juror), Edward Coxen (trial spectator), Frank Ellis (Charlie, stage guard), Ray Jones (juror), Jack Kirk (juror), Theodore Lorch (State's Attorney who replaced Gordon DeMain), William McCall (bartender), Fred Parker (juror), Carl Sepulveda (posse member), Tom Smith (posse member), Glenn Strange (stage driver), Slim Whitaker (jury foreman).

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