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The Girl From Calgary (October 24, 1932)

Fifi D'Orsay is the Girl From Calgary

Released on October 24, 1932: Fifi is a bronco bustin' French Canadian cowgirl that becomes a star on Broadway and discovers that it can be more dangerous than a rodeo.

Directed by Phil Whitman

The Actors: Fifi D'Orsay (Fifi Follette), Paul Kelly (Larry Boyd), Robert Warwick (Bill Webster), Edwin Maxwell (Earl Darrell), Astrid Allwyn (Mazie Williams), Eddie Featherston (Monte Cooper), Harry Bowen (Harry Bowen), Adrienne Dore (Lulu, Darrell's secretary), Geraldine Dvorak (model in Darrell's office), Geneva Mitchell (Dolores Baker), Tiny Sandford (policeman), Rolfe Sedan (beauty contest judge).


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Fifi D'Orsay was born 'Marie-Rose Angelina Yvonne Lussier' in 1904, and passed in 1983 at the age of 79. She was born in Montreal, Quebec, Cananda. She was a bored typist in Montreal and wanted to become a star, and in pursuit of her passion left Montreal for New York City. After finding a small part in a Follies production in Greenwich Village, she lied to the director of the show that she was from Paris and had performed in the famous Folies Bergeres. Her dedication to her craft and her willingness to do any part offered kept her on stage or in front of a camera until at least age 67, when she appeared on a television game show. After touring with a vaudeville act for a couple of years, she went to Hollywood in search of movie parts. She changed her last name to match her favorite perfume.

In this movie tale, Fifi starts as a rodeo bronc-bustin' girl from Calgary. We see some great authentic scenes from the famous Calgary Rodeo, including a parade with authentic American Indians marching along. The first rodeo scenes are a wonderful peek at the untamed life of 1932 in North America. Fifi winds up on her butt after trying to tame a wild bronco, but later that night sings in the local saloon, and Larry, a fellow that knows a little about Broadway gets Fifi and her girlfriend to come to the States. They enter them in a beauty contest, and Fifi wins. Larry then tries to get her a part in a Broadway show, without much success. But finally Fifi is given her chance and becomes a star, and all looks good for Fifi and Larry. But there is a problem. Big Bill, the money man for the show, wants to woo and marry Fifi, but Larry thinks that Fifi belongs to him. Larry is sent to Chicago to get him out of the way and let Big Bill woo Fifi without any competition. Will Fifi wind up with Larry the not-wealthy huckster, or Big Bill, the wealthy Broadway producer? Will Larry stay out of sight - out of mind and let Big Bill have Fifi all to himself? Will this review end withoug a mention of hot buttered white kernel popcorn? . . . hmmmm . . . maybe . . . perhaps.