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Tombstone Canyon (December 25, 1932)

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Ken Maynard in Tombstone Canyon

Released on December 25, 1932: The advertising tagline for this cowboy adventure is: Packing a long-barreled Colt and a dynamite wallop, Ken Mason rides herd on a desperate gang in the lone gulch. Ken Maynard is on the trail of the masked phantom of Tombstone Canyon.

Directed by Alan James

The Actors: Ken Maynard (Ken), Cecilia Parker (Jenny Lee), Sheldon Lewis (Matt Daley, the Phantom), Frank Brownlee (Alf Sykes), Jack Clifford (Newt), George Gerwing (Clem Sykes), Lafe McKee (Colonel Lee), Edward Peil Sr. (Sheriff that was replaced by Bob Burns), Bob Burns (Sheriff Mort Langly), Chuck Baldra (townsman, musician), Ralph Bucko (barfly), Roy Bucko (barfly), George Chesebro (Deputy Jess), Al Haskell (townsman, musician), Jack Jones (townsman, musician), Jack Kirk (barfly with bar girl), Johnny Luther (barfly, musician), Bud McClure (ranch hand), Merrill McCormick (townsman waiting for reward), Bill Patton (wagon driver Bill), Pascale Perry (townsman), Bud Pope (gambler), Robert Walker (henchman Skeeter), Blackjack Ward (captive in the cave), Leo Willis (gunman).

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