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Ekstase (Symphonie der Liebe)

Hedy Lamarr in Ekstase

Released on January 20, 1933: Filmed and released first in Czechoslovakia, it contains the first known fully nude female scene, the first female orgasm, and the first lady to smoke afterwords. It was banned in the U.S. for many years.

Directed by Gustav Machaty

The Actors: Hedy Lamarr (Eva Hermann - her credit reads 'Hedy Kiesler), Aribert Mog (Adam), Zvonimir Rogoz (Emile), Leopold Kramer (Eva's father), Emil Jerman (Eva's husband - voice), Jirina Steimarova (the typist), Bedrich Vrbsky (Eva's father - voice), Jirina Stepnickova (Eva - voice), Antonin Kubovy (Ein Landstreicher), Karel Macha-Kuca (Der Rechtsanwalt), Pierre Nay (Le jeune homme), Andre Nox (Le pere), Eduard Slegl (Ein Landstreicher), Jan Svitak (Der Tanzer auf der Barandov-Terrasse), Ladislav Bohac (Adam), Comedian Hormonists (themselves)


Free Download of the old movie Ekstase (Symphonie der Liebe)

Ekstase-1933.mp4 (416mb - 720x540)

Ekstase-1933.wmv (818mb - 720x540)

This film has no words, but it is easy to understand what is happening. It was banned in the U.S. for many years because of content that was too erotic for that time. It did bring Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler to the attention of Louis B. Mayer, who brought her to the U.S. and started her U.S. acting career under the name 'Hedy Lamarr' in the movie 'Algiers' in 1938. Ms. Lamarr was not only the most beautiful woman that Louis B. Mayer said he had ever seen, she was an bona fide scientific scholar, and received a patent in 1942 for 'spread spectrum' radio signal transmission.