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Inside Information (September 25, 1934)

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Tarzan, Police Dog, in INside Information

Released on September 25, 1934: Tarzan the dog shows that he is smarter than his owner as he helps to clear his owner, who is framed for theft by a gangster real estate mogul.

Directed by Robert F. Hill

The Actors: Rex Lease (Lloyd Wilson), Marion Shilling (Anne Seton), Tarzan (Tarzan, police dog), Philo McCullough (Durand), Henry Hall (Mr. Seton), Charles King ('Blackie' Black), Jean Porter (Gertie), Robert McKenzie (Mack, heavy detective), Victor Potel (Rice, thin detective), Robert F. Hill (Police Chief Gallagher), Henry Roquemore (Police Commissioner), Vance Carroll (traffic cop), Charles Harper (henchman), Jimmy Aubrey (Henry, Durand's houseboy), Baby Woods (Georgie, toddler playing behind car), Kay Garrett (waiter).

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