Range Warfare (December 1, 1934)

Reb Russell and Lucielle Lund in Range Warfare

Released on December 1, 1934: (running time 54 minutes) There is a new sheriff in town, and the old sheriff that has been in cahoots with the outlaws is in for a heap of trouble.

Directed by S. Roy Luby

The Actors: Reb Russell (Reb Russell, aka The Whistler), Lucille Lund (Sue Callahan), Hal Taliaferro (Tommy Lord), Roger Williams (Jess Monroe), Slim Whitaker (Sheriff Curt Turner), Lafe McKee (Wade Callahan), Eddie Boland (Jack Brady), Dick Botiller (Little Feather), Ed Porter (Martin 'Deke' DeKalb), Gene Alsace (Jerry Blake), Chief Blackhawk (Injun Joe), Chuck Baldra (posse rider), Bartlett A. Carre (henchman who shoots Tommy), Jack Hendricks (ranch hand), Jack Jones (posse rider), Jack King (Slade), Jack Kirk (cowhand Jack), Tracy Layne (possee rider), Clyde McClary (barfly), George Morrell (barfly), Artie Ortego (barfly), Bud Pope (henchman)


The Law of Contact

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