Alias John Law (March 18, 1935)

Bob Steel in Alias John Law

Released on March 18, 1935: John and his deaf buddy Bootch help the marshall capture the Kootney Kid and his gang.

Produced by A.W. Hackel

Directed by Robert N. Bradbury

The Actors: Bob Steele ('John' Clark), Roberta Gale (JoAnne Vallon), Buck Connors (Bootch Collum), Earl Dwire (The Kootney Kid), Robert McKenzie (the judge), Steve Clark (henchman Simi), Jack Rockwell (Marshal Lamar Blyth), Roger Williams (Sheriff), John Cromwell (Attorney Wagner), Barney Beasley (henchman Rico), Ed Cassidy (Sheriff's deputy), Clyde McClary (courtroom spectator), Perry Murdock (Kootney Kid henchman), Horace Murphy (courtroom spectator), James Sheridan (courtroom spectator), Forrest Taylor (oil company attorney), Wally West (Sheriff's deputy)


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