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Roaring Roads (April 13, 1935)

Roaring Roads

Released on April 13, 1935: David Morton, heir to a fortune, is kept very sheltered until he runs away and becomes a race car driver at the behest of a pretty young lady, despite gangsters who want him out of the race.

Directed by Charles E. Roberts

The Actors: David Sharpe (David Morton, David Smith), Gertrude Messinger (Gertie McDowell), Mary Kornman (Mary McDowell), Mickey Daniels (Mickey Daniels), Jack Mulhall (Donald McDowell), Eddie Phillips (Allan Chambers, gangster), Vera Lewis (Aunt Harriet), Heinie Conklin (bodyguard Mulligan), Al Thompson (Parkins the butler), Matty Fain (henchman Jake), Charles Moyer (bodyguard Flanagan), Helen Hunt (Aunt Agatha), Fred Kohler Jr. (Sam), Harry Bowen (barn dance host), Frank Bruno (henchman Jerry), Oscar Gahan (fiddler), Broderick O'Farrell (doctor), Harry Semels (man with family on road).


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