The Law of Contact

Border Vengeance (June 5, 1935)

Reb Russell in Border Vengeance

Released June 5, 1935: (running time 56 minutes) Sharp shooting bronc busting rodeo champion Muley Kid helps Sally Griswold when an outlaw takes over the Griswald ranch.

Produced by Willis Kent

Directed by Ray Heinz

The Actors: Reb Russell (Peeler Benson, the Muley Kid), Mary Jane Carey (Sally Griswald), Kenneth MacDonald (Flash Purdue), Clarence Geldart (Sam Griswold), Pat Harmon (Tex Pryor), Norman Fusier (old man Benson), Ben Corbett (Bud Benson), Marty Joyce (Young Benson), Slim Whitaker (posse leader), June Bupp (June Griswold), Silver Tip Baker (rancher), Hank Bell (the Sheriff), Rex Bell (announced rodeo guest star), Bartlett A. Carre (rancher), Montie Montana (trick rider), Bill Patton (John 'Jack' Preston), Bud Pope (henchman Red), Glenn Strange (cowhand), Mabel Strickland (rodeo performer)


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The Football Star and the Three Stooges

The bad guy in this story is actor Kenneth MacDonald. Fans of the Three Stooges will remember him as the bad guy in many of their comedy shorts. With more than 200 appearances in motion pictures and television, he had a very successful acting career, but it didn’t begin that way.

After acting on stage in the 1920’s he headed for Hollywood, but despite all his efforts, he failed to get the attention of anyone who would hire him. Desperate for work, he wrote and paid for the production of a short pamphlet story called, “The Case of Kenneth MacDonald.” He passed copies around town to anyone and everyone connected with the motion picture industry. Sure enough, he got the curious attention of several producers and his career was onward and upward from then on.

Our good guy is Reb Russell. In 1929 Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne and his team won the national football championship. In 1930, with the opening of the new Notre Dame football stadium, The Irish went undefeated, winning ten games with no losses. One of the teams that Knute Rockne beat that year was the Northwestern Wildcats from Evanston, Illinois. After that game, coach Knute Rockne said that number seven on that team was the best plunging fullback that he had ever seen. That is high praise from the legendary coach.

Lafayette ‘Reb’ Russell was Number Seven, and the next year he was the college Big Ten scoring champion. For the 1930 and 1931 football seasons, thanks largely to Reb Russell, Northwestern scored 320 points, only allowing their adversaries to score a total of 76 points. After a lackluster career in movies like this one, he bought a ranch near his home in Coffeyville, Kansas and became a well-known livestock breeder.

Murder, cattle rustling, and a very unique ending are ahead when these two actors face each other. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.