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Harmony Lane (October 23, 1935)

Douglass Montgomery in Harmony Lane

Released on October 23, 1935: (running time 1 hour and 23 minutes) The story Stephen Foster, the Father of American Music, from rise to fame to his tragic death at the age of 37.

Produced by Nat Levine

Directed by Joseph Santley

The Actors: Douglass Montgomery (Stephen Foster), Evelyn Venable (Susan Pentland), Adrienne Ames (Jane McDowell), Joseph Cawthorn (Professor Henry Kleber), William Frawley (Edwin P. Christy, singer Christy Minstrels), David Torrence (Mr. Pentland), Gilbert Emery (Mr. Foster), Lloyd Hughes (Andrew Robinson), Al Herman (Tambo), Cora Sue Collins (Marian Foster), James Bush (Morrison Foster), Edith Craig (Henrietta Foster), Florence Roberts (Mrs. Foster), Ferdinand Munier (Mr. Pond), Clarence Muse (old Joe), Smiley Burnette (singer), Bob Card (stage hand), James B. Carson (proprietor), Victor DeCamp (William Foster Jr.), Mildred Gover (Delia), Harry Harvey (sideshow barker), Rodney Hildebrand (Mr. Wade), Earle Hodgins (Mr. Bones), Cornelius Keefe (the owner dunning Foster), Mary MacLaren (Mrs. Wade), Frankie Marvin (sideshow customer), Hattie McDaniel (Liza, cook), George Morrell (stage hand), Joan Woodbury (French singer of 'Oh Susannah')


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