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Midnight Phantom (November 27, 1935)

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Midnight Phantom

Released on November 27, 1935: A new police chief tries to clean up the corruption in the big city, but is soon murdered, and most of the suspects are cops.

Directed by Bernard B. Ray

The Actors: Reginald Denny (Professor David Graham, criminologist), Claudia Dell (Diana Sullivan), Lloyd Hughes (Lieutenant Dan Burke), Jim Farley (Chief James A. Sullivan), Barbara Bedford (Kathleen Ryan), Mary Foy (Mary Ryan), John Elliott (Captain Bill Withers), Francis Sayles (Police Surgeon Kelly), Al St. John (radio officer Jones), Henry Roquemore (Doctor McNeil), Lee Prather (Captain Perkins), Robert Walker (Captain Jim Phillips), Jack Kenney (Inspector Silverstein), Eddie Davis (con man in showup room), Arthur Thalasso (police officer), Harley Wood (Mary Withers).


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Reginald DennyClaudia Dell
Reginald DennyClaudia Dell
Barbara BedfordJames Farley
Barbara BedfordJames Farley
Lloyd HughesClaudia Dell and Lloyd Hughes
Lloyd HughesClaudia Dell and Lloyd Hughes