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Phantom Patrol (September 30, 1936)

Phantom Patrol

Released on September 30, 1936: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are after a desperate American criminal masquerading as a famous author in the Canadian north woods.

Directed by Charles Hutchison

The Actors: Kermit Maynard (R.C.M.P. Sergeant Jim McGregor), Joan Barclay (Doris McCloud), Harry Worth ('Dapper' Dan Geary and Stephen Morris), Paul Fix (henchman Jo-Jo Regan), George Cleveland (Inspector McCloud), Julian Rivero (Frenchie Le Farge), Eddie Phillips (henchman Emile), Roger Williams (henchman Gustaf), Dick Curtis (henchman Josef), Jack Casey (henchman), Art Dillard (henchman), Lester Dorr (Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer), Artie Ortego (henchman).


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When I was a kid, sometime after 1955, one of my favorite toys was a Dapper Dan toy with a magnet and a cardboard picture of a bald man with a pile of steel shavings underneath a clear plastic covering. Using the small magnet I could move the steel shavings around and drop them in place to arrange 'hair' and a 'beard' on the bald man's face. The original toy was 'Wooly Willy,' that sold millions of copies in the G.C. Murphy's five and dime stores. I had a Wooly Willy version also, but the secret agent Dapper Dan was my favorite. In this Royal Canadian Mounted Police adventure that was filmed almost two decades before Wooly Willy and Dapper Dan appeared in toy stores, the villain is 'Dapper' Dan Geary, an American gangster who dons a moustache and beard to impersonate a famous author. I would have sworn that this movie stole the removable beard and moustache idea from the toy I had as a youngster, but it looks like it may have been the other way around, if there is any connection at all. In this Canadian wilderness crime adventure Mountie McGregor gets his man. In the beginning of the movie a group of Mounties are singing a song in their barracks and one verse states that the Mounties fear no man - they only fear the ladies that love the uniforms! The lady in this adventure is actress Joan Barclay, and true to the song, the gangster is easier to grab than the lady that loves the uniform. Pop a big bowl of popcorn and join the Mounties as they capture American gangster Dapper Dan and his henchmen in a wild and wooly shootout. Why is this movie named, "Phantom Patrol?" I have no idea - there is no 'patrol' and no 'phantom' . . . just good old gangsters and Mounties, and the obligatory damsel in distress. Regardless of the name, you'll enjoy this north woods adventure with Dapper Dan vs the Mounties.

George Cleveland
George Cleveland as Inspecrot McCloud
Harry Worth and George Cleveland
Harry Worth fools George Cleveland into thinking that he is the famous author
Harry Worth and Paul Fix
Harry Worth and his henchman Paul Fix
Harry Worth
Harry Worth, playing the part of the author Stephen Morris
Harry Worth
Harry Worth without his moustache and beard disguise
Harry Worth
Harry Worth, disguised as author Stephen Morris
Joan Barclay and Kermit Maynard
Joan Barclay and Kermit Maynard
Joan Barclay
Joan Barclay in 1936
Julian Rivero
Julian Rivero as Frenchie Le Farge
Julian Rivero
Julian Rivero
Kermit Maynard and George Cleveland
Kermit Maynard and George Cleveland, as Royal Canadian Mounties
Kermit Maynard and Joan Barclay
Kermit Maynard and Joan Barclay
Kermit Maynard
Kermit Maynard, as Royal Canadian Mountie Sergeant Jimmy McGregor
Paul Fix and Julian Rivero
Paul Fix and Julian Rivero
Paul Fix
Paul Fix as henchman Jo-Jo Regan