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Cavalry (October 5, 1936)

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Released on October 5, 1936: The Civil War ends, and Captain Ted Thorne is sent west to protect the builders of the new telegraph lines against outlaws and Indians.

Directed by Robert N. Bradbury

The Actors: Bob Steele (Captain Ted Thorne), Frances Grant (Betty Lee), Karl Hackett (Gavin Rance), Hal Price (Horace Leeds), Earle Ross (Colonel Lafe Harvey), Ed Cassidy (Bart Haines), William Welsh (General John Harvey), Budd Buster (wagon boss, and President Lincoln), Chuck Baldra (guerilla raider), Pinky Barnes (trooper), Horace B. Carpenter (Connor), Rube Dalroy (barfly), William Desmond (Cavalary Major), Art Dillard (card player), Bert Dillard (guerilla raider), Earl Dwire (raid leader), Barney Furey (surveyor Pete), Oscar Gahan (croupier and wagon train singer), Jack Kirk (guerilla raider), Julian Madison (card player), Dick Morehead (surveyor Larkin), Perry Murdock (henchman Jake), Fred Parker (renegade and bartender), Martin Turner (Mose).

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