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The Phantom of the Range (November 28, 1936)

Tom Tyler in The Phantom of the Range

Released on November 28, 1936: A dead rancher may be haunting his ranch to protect his burried treasure.

Directed by Robert F. Hill

The Actors: Tom Tyler (Jerry Lane), Beth Marion (Jeanne Moore), Sammy Cohen (Eddie Parsons), Soledad Jimenez (Perdita, housekeeper), Forrest Taylor (Brandon), Charles King (Mark Braden, henchman), John Elliott (rancher), Richard Cramer (the Sheriff), Victor Adamson (employment office clerk), Steve Clark (henchman), Jack Evans (henchman), Herman Hack (man at auction), Robert F. Hill (auctioneer Robert), Johnny Luther (cowhand at the auction), Clyde McClary (deputy), Tex Phelps (townsman), Bud Pope (rancher Anson), Tiny Sandford (Jensen), Francis Walker (cowhand at the auction).


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