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Paradise Express (February 22, 1937)

Grant Withers in Paradise Express

Released on February 22, 1937: A trucking company run by gangsters is doing everything it can to put the small local railroad out of business.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Grant Withers (Larry Doyle), Dorothy Appleby (Kay carson), Arthur Hoyt (Phineas K. Trotter), Maude Eburne (Maggie Casey), Harry Davenport (Jed Carson), Donald Kirke (Armstrong), Arthur Loft (Glover), Lew Kelly (Tom Wilson), Anthony Pawley (Stymie), Fern Emmett (landlady), John Holland (Gus), Robert McClung (harmonica player), Bruce Mitchell (train conductor), Guy Mitchell (Skinny Smith), George Cleveland (farmer Beasley), Ralph McCullough (dispatcher), Frank Austin (farmer at meeting), Horace B. Carpenter (townsman on street), Jack Cheatham (unknown), Earl Dwire (townsman in cafe), Martin Faust (unknown), Budd Fine (unknown), Roscoe Gerald (unknown), Jane Keckley (passing motorist's wife), Jack Kirk (Jake Harvey), Stanley Mack (unknown), William McCall (farmer at meeting), George Morrell (mob agitator), Henry Morris (unknown), Horace Murphy (farmer Jones), Edward Peil Sr. (the sheriff), Russ Powell (passing motorist), S.S. Simon (mob agitator), Jack C. Smith (unknown), Frederick Spencer (unknown), Tom Steele (henchman), Carl Stockdale (Jones), Harry Strang (Glover's man), Al Taylor (henchman), Dirk Thane (unknown), William L. Thorne (farmer at meeting).


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