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The Silver Trail (February 27, 1937)

The Silver Trail

Released on February 27, 1937: (running time 54 minutes) Bob Crandall gets help from a female bandit to discover what happened to his partner, who disappeared after discovering a rich vein of silver.

Produced by Bernard B. Ray

Directed by Bernard B. Ray

The Actors: Rex Lease (Bobb Crandall), Mary Russell (Molly Welburn, aka Mary Allen), Ed Cassidy (Frank Sheridan), Roger Williams (Sam Dunn), Steve Clark (Tom), Slim Whitaker (henchman Slug), Oscar Gahan (henchman Curt), James Sheridan (henchman Tex), Tom London (Looney), Rin Tin Tin Jr. (Rinty), Bob Burns (mine guard), Budd Buster (hotel clerk), Allen Greer (townsman), Jack Hendricks (wagon driver), Clyde McClary (mine guard, henchman), Nelson McDowell (wagon guard), 'Snub' Pollard (cafe counter man), Goebel Leon Reeves (Hank, singer), Emma Tansey (Bob's mother), Wally West (Cafe customer)


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Ed CassidyEd Cassidy and Rex Lease
Ed CassidyEd Cassidy and Rex Lease
Ed Cassidy and Roger WilliamsEmma Tansey
Ed Cassidy and Roger WilliamsEmma Tansey
Goebel-Leon-ReevesGoebel Leon Reeves and Rex Lease
Goebel Leon ReevesGoebel Leon Reeves and Rex Lease
Mary RussellMary Russell, 1937
Mary RussellMary Russell
Mary Russell and Ed CassidyMary Russell and Rex Lease
Mary Russell and Ed CassidyMary Russell and Rex Lease
Mary Russell and Rex LeaseRex Lease
Mary Russell and Rex LeaseRex Lease
Rex Lease, 1937Rex Lease and Mary Russell
Rex LeaseRex Lease and Mary Russell
Rex Lease and 'Snub' PollardRin Tin Tin Jr.
Rex Lease and Snub PollardRin Tin Tin Jr.
Rin Tin Tin Jr., 1937Rin Tin Tin and Rex Lease
Rin Tin Tin Jr.Rin Tin Tin and Rex Lease
Roger WilliamsSlim Whitaker, Oscar Gahan and James Sheridan
Roger WilliamsSlim Whitaker, Oscar Gahan and James Sheridan
Snub PollardTom London peeking in window
Snub PollardTom London
Tom London, 1937Tom London and Rex Lease
Tom LondonTom London and Rex Lease