The Law of Contact

Navy Blues (March 29, 1937)

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Navy Blues

Released on March 29, 1937: (running time 67 minutes) Three Navy buddies on leave in New York City bet their buddy that he cannot get a date with a homely librarian.

Directed by Ralph Staub

The Actors: Dick Purcell (Russell J. 'Rusty' Gibbs), Mary Brian (Doris Kimbell), Warren Hymer (Gerald 'Biff' Jones), Joe Sawyer (Chips), Edward Woods (Julian Everett), Horace McMahon (Gateleg), Chester Clute (Uncle Andrew), Lucile Gleason (Aunt Beulah), Ruth Fallows (Goldie), Alonzo Price (Dr. Crowley), Mel Ruick (Lawson), Carleton Young (Spencer)


The Law of Contact

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There are a lot of old movies about the armed forces that deal with World War II, but this is not one of them. This motion picture is a riot of humor and spy intrigue about four Navy buddies and a librairan. Leave it to the Navy boys to brag about their abilities with the ladies. But when they accidentally get involved with foreign spies while chasing a girl, things get really complicated.

Our movie opens with four buddies leaving their ship for some well-deserved time ashore. One of the fellows, 'Rusty' Gibbs is the hot shot that thinks he can do anything, and is God's gift to women. His three buddies bet him that he cannot get a date with a cold-fish librarian in one of the local libraries. Gibbs takes them up on the bet, and heads in to meet the girl with glasses as thick as cookies. He walks into the library and is dismayed by the sight of the frumpy librarian, but a bet is a bet, and he will try to get a date with her. When she asks him what he wants, he spots a book on the shelf behind her about advanced math, and he asks for it. She hands it to him, and he goes to a table to read it. A bit later a fancy-dude prissy man walks in and asks for the same book. When she tells him that the sailor has the book, the man checks to see if he left any notes in it from a previous visit. It seems that this fellow is sweet on the librarian, and our sailor Gibbs has some competition for the frumpy librarian. Gibbs is smart though, and he manages to walk the labrarian home, along with the prissy-man. Gibbs gets an advantage by claiming that he is studying for admission to the naval acadamy. Of course he is not, and when he is found out the girl doesn't want to see him any more, so he lies again and says that he is really with Naval Intelligence and cannot say any more. She buys this story, and they go out on a date.

All seems well with Gibbs plan to get the girl, except for one small complication . . . his sissy-boy competition for the girl and the math book turns out to be a real enemy spy, and the math book that Gibbs has is actually a secret code book. Things get really complicated when Gibbs, the girl, and her uncle are kidnapped and tied up and interrogated. What a mess Gibbs stumbledd into now! With spies, counter spies, and Aunt Beulah after them, things get really exciting, frantic, and dangerous.

Pop some white kernel popcorn and get ready for a great Navy adventure in the busy streets of New York that is full of adventure, love, laughter and intrigue.