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King Solomon's Mines (July 26, 1937)

King Solomon's Mines

Released July 26, 1937: Alan Quatermain helps a lady search for her lost explorer fathe, and they find not only the mines of King Solomon, but love for each other.

Directed by Robert Stevenson

The Actors: Paul Robeson (Umbopa), Cedric Hardwicke (Allan Quatermain), Roland Young (Commander John Good), Anna Lee (Kathleen O'Brien), John Loder (Sir Henry Curtis), Arthur Sinclair (Patrick 'Patsy' O'Brien), Robert Adams (Twala), Arthur Goullet (Sylvestra Getto), Ecce Homo Toto (Infadoos), Makubalo Hlubi (Kapse), Mjujwa (Scragga), Sydney Fairbrother (Gagool), Alf Goddard (Red), Frederick Leister (diamond buyer).


The Law of Contact

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Pop a large bowl of hot buttered popcorn and get ready for an excellent adventure to the darkest unexplored African desert as we discover not only life-threatening danger, but also the lost diamond mines of King Solomon, and even a bit of romance.

Our adventure begins in Africa where Kathy O'Brien and her father are searching for diamonds. They believe that they have hit a rich vein of diamonds, but the local diamond buyer informs them that it is only inexpensive crystal. They decide to head for another part of Africa in their search, and when they discover a guide about to head into the jungles with a British hunter that wants to hung wild animals, they ask for a ride. Quatermain, the safari guide refuses them at first, but finally allows them to tag along. At camp one evening, as they are sitting around the fire, Kathy asks what is across the river in front of them. Quatermain answers that no living person goes across that river - on the other side is the forbidden territory that no man can survive. As he is finishing, Kathy asks why she sees a wagon on the other side, and Quatermain tells her that she is surely mistaken, there could never be a wagon on the other side of the river. But sure enough, a wagon appears in the darkness crossing the river. They discover a regal black man driving the wagon, and in the back is a dying explorer with a map and an incredible story of his discovery of King Solomon's lost diamond mine, with riches beyond belief. Kathy's father eagerly takes his map and studies it, and copies it. While the camp is sleeping that night, Kathy's father takes the wagon back across the river and heads off into the distance in search of King Solomon's Mine. In the morning when Kathy finds out that her father has gone off in search of the mine, she tries to convince Quatermain to take his safari across the river in search of her father, but he refuses. So Kathy steals a wagon and takes off on her own, but when Quatermain discovers what she has done, he chases after her to get his wagon back. When he catches her, it is decided that the hunting expedition will indeed plunge deep into the forbidden land in search of Kathy's father and King Solomon's Mine.

So begins one of the greatest adventures of film, in the tradition of British exploration that uncovered many of the undiscoverd lands as the British Empire grew to cover the globe.