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International Crime (April 23, 1938)

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The Shadow, in International Crime

Released on April 23, 1938: Lamont Cranston as 'The Shadow' has a radio show with an assistant that may be tied up in serious crime.

Directed by Charles Lamont

The Actors: Rod La Rocque (Lamont Cranston, The Shadow), Astrid Allwyn (Phoebe Lane), Thomas E. Jackson (Commissioner Weston), Oscar O'Shea (Editor Edward Heath), Lew Hearn (Moe Shrevnitz the cabbie), Wilhelm von Brincken (Flotow), Tenen Holtz (Starkhov), Peter Potter (Burke), Walter Bonn (Stefan, Flotow's driver), John St. Polis (Gerald Morton), Jack Baxley (Detective Inspector Matthews), Harry C. Bradley (Barrows), William Pawley (Honest John), Will Stanton (Lush), Ernie Adams (jail prisoner), Jack Cheatham (Officer Frank McKay), Jack Chefe (waiter), Kernan Cripps (Weston's assistant), Lester Dorr (radio operator), Edward Hearn (policeman), James C. Morton (radio listener), Frank Nelson (station EROM announcer), Paul Panzer (Morton's butler), Harry Semels (the violinist), Nick Stewart (shoeshine boy), Lloyd Whitlock (attorney), Robert J. Wilke (bar patron).

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Lamont Cranston, "The Shadow," is at it again, but this time he may get the short end of the stick. Cranston has a daily radio show and he usually exposes the police for their incompetence, which makes the Commissioner angry at the Shadow. Cranston is also the author of a daily newspaper column, again solving crimes long before the police can. For his radio show, The Shadow is given a young woman to assist him, Phoebe Lane, and she is a dizzy, young lady that wants to start her radio career at the top. During his evening radio show, she breaks into his studio during his radio broadcast and hands him a note saying that she has bona-fide information that a downtown theater is going to be robbed later that night. The Police Commissioner is listening to the program, and he sends all his men to the theater that Phoebe mentioned in the note. There is no robbery at the theater, and it seems that Phoebe's tip came from interviewing participants in an auto accident. One fellow told her that he would not give her his name, but he would give her a great tip, about the robbery at the theater. At the same time that the theater was supposed to be robbed, across town a safe blows up in the mansion of a wealthy businessman, and the man was killed. The police believe it was a botched robbery, but Cranston tells the world that the Commissioner is once again wrong, and the explosion was murder, not a botched robbery attempt.

Cranston and Phoebe hit the nightclub scene to see if she can find and identify the man that gave her the bum tip, and when they finally find him, he recognizes the girl as the one that he gave the bad tip to, and he tries to get them to come to his home so that they can hold them hostage. Cranston manages to get away from the Austrian Flowtow, and later learn that the wealthy businessman was possibly involved in a deal to loan funds to a European country so that the country could buy arms and protect themselves from the Nazi threat. It seems that Flowtow and his partner are determined to see that the European country never gets the funds to buy arms.

With just enough humor, and plenty of suspense, The Shadow once again manages to solve a perplexing crime. My only disappointment with this episode is that we never see The Shadow using his mystifying powers of invisibility, or hear his ominous voice repeating his famous, "The Shadow Knows!"