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Lightning Carson Rides Again (October 10, 1938)

Colonel Tim McCoy is Lightning Carson

Released on October 10, 1938: Tim McCoy poses as a Mexican bandit to infiltrate a gang of outlaws that has framed his nephew.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: Tim McCoy (Jose, and 'Lightning Bill' Carson), Joan Barclay (Sally, Paul Smith's sweetie), Ted Adams (gang leader Chuck), Bob Terry (Paul Smith, Carson's nephew), Forrest Taylor (gunfight henchman), Ben Corbett (henchman Shorty), Slim Whitaker (saloon owner), Frank Wayne (bank cashier), Jane Keckley (Katherine Smith, Carson's sister), Karl Hackett (banker Gray), Reed Howes (henchman Jimmy), Frank LaRue (Sheriff Armstrong), James Flavin (Justice Department agent), Dick Morehead (barfly), James Sheridan (henchman), Wally West (Gilroy the murdered driver).


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