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Hey Hey, U.S.A. (October, 1938)

Will Hay in Hey Hey, USA

Released October, 1938: Another comedy romp by master of comedy Will Hay, who is on an ocean liner headed for the U.S. with Kidnappers.

Directed by Marcel Varnel

The Actors: Will Hay (Doctor Benjamin Twist), Edgar Kennedy (Bugs Leary), David Burns (Tony Ricardo), Edmon Ryan (Ace Marco), Fred Duprez (Cyrus Schultz), Paddy Reynolds (Mrs. Schultz), Tommy Bupp (Bertie Schultz), Arthur Goullet (Henry 'Gloves' Johnson), Gibb McLaughlin (ships steward), Charlie Hall (Leary's pal), Eddie Pola (broadcast announcer), Christopher Cozier (bit part), Peter Gawthorne (the Captain), Danny Green (McGuire, cop), Hugh McDermott (man on telephone), Roddy McDowall (little kid on the dock), Percy Parsons (henchman).


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It is 1938, and Will Hay, at the top of his comedy career in Britain, comes to the U.S.A to unleash his bumbling comedic genius. In this movie, Will is school teacher Benjamin Twist that is working the summer as a porter for a steamship line, and is busy loading baggage on an ocean liner that will be heading to New York City. In his opening scene, Will has convinced a young lad to push a big trunk onboard - if you look closely you'll recognize a very young Roddy McDowall as the young lad. Also on board is a wealthy couple with a young son that gives brats a bad name. Finally, we have a couple of gangsters on board, who plan to kidnap the young brat son when they get to America.

Will has just brought the baggage for an esteemed history professor into his cabin, and the professor doesn't have any change to tip him, so he offers him a drink of whiskey instead, which Will quickly agrees to. The professor learns that there are some officials on board that are searching for him, so the professor slips a knock-out pill into Will's drink, and Will quickly passes out. The professor changes cloting with Will, and puts Will in the bed and quickly leaves the ship. By the time Will wakes up the ocean liner is far out to sea, and Will finds himself forced to assume the identity of the famous history professor.

Through the comedic mishaps Will becomes the rich young lad's tutor, and also becomes friends with the gangster that will later try to kidnap the young lad. Pop a big bowl of hot buttered popcorn and get ready to smile, laugh and enjoy the adventure of a bumbling British comedian at his prime. But be careful when sipping your soda . . . you don't want to laugh in mid-sip and snort soda out of your nose!