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Talent Auction (1938)

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Talent Auction

Released in 1938: A show producer demonstrates the talents of his cast at an auction to sell the show and the performers to the highest bidder.

Produced by Frank E. Jessop

Directed by Milton Schwarzwald

The Actors: Irene Beasley (herself, singer), The Merry Macs (themselves, singers), The Five Reillys (themselves, dancers), Paul Robinson (himself), Bobby Bernard (himself)


Free Download of the classic movie Talent Auction
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Talent-Auction-1938.mp4 (70mb - 720x540)

Talent-Auction-1938-720p.mp4 (156mb - 960x720)


Irene Beasley
Irene Beasley
The Five Reillys
The Five Reillys
The Merry Macs
The Merry Macs
The Merry Macs
The Merry Macs