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Tarzan's Revenge (January 7, 1938)

Edgar Rice Burrows story of Tarzan's Revenge

Released on January 7, 1938: Beautiful young Eleanor goes on safari with her parents, and becomes the object of desire for both Tarzan and a native tribal chief.

Directed by D. Ross Lederman

The Actors: Glenn Morris (Tarzan), Eleanor Holm (Eleanor Reed), George Barbier (Roger Reed), Hedda Hopper (Penny Reed), C. Henry Gordon (Ben Alleu Bey), Joe Sawyer (Olaf Punch), George Meeker (Nevin Potter), Corbet Morris (Jigger, Nevin's servant), John Lester Johnson (Koki, Chief bearer), Frederick Clarke (Ben Alleu's servant), Bill Elliott (the riverboat captain), Al Thompson (the sign painter), Blue Washington (the bearer bringing the poison darts).


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