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Everything's On Ice (October 16, 1939)

Everything's On Ice

Released October 16, 1939: Irene is a little girl who can ice skate pretty well, so free-loader Uncle Felix figures out a way to get her to Florida for the winter with a job in a hotel nightclub.

Directed by Erle C. Kenton

The Actors: Irene Dare (Irene Barton), Edgar Kennedy (Joe Barton), Roscoe Karns (Felix Miller), Lynne Roberts (Jane Barton), Mary Hart (Elsie Barton), Eric Linden (Leopold Eddington), George Meeker (Harrison Gregg), Bobby Watson (French), Mary Currier (Miss Tillifer), Maxine Stewart (hat check girl), Wade Boteler (White), Pierre Watkin (hotel manager), Larry Jackson (Papa Penguin), Kenny Williams (Doctor Penguin), George Chandler (unknown), Paul Winchell (voice of the dummy).


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It's time to head to Florida for the winter, and this Brooklyn family is bound for Florida whether they can afford it or not. Joe is a Brookly Barber, with a wife and two daughters. One daughter is about 8 years old, and the other is an older teen ready to meet her man. His wife's brother Felix is a moocher, and he mooches money from Joe every day. Joe is saving so that he can buy the barber shop that he works in, but Uncle Felix has big dreams, if no money. One day while Uncle Felix is watching little Irene ice skating on the Rockerfeller Center ice rink in Manhattan, he meets a fellow that owns a nightclub in Florida, and he gets little Irene a job ice skating in his show. Uncle Felix borrows money from Joe, and packs up his sister and the two daughters and heads for Florida and certain good times. On the train ride down older girl Jane meets a young man, Leopold, who seems to be on a holiday to Florida on a very tight budget. Uncle Felix shoo's him away, trying to discourage Jane from talking to him.

Once in Florida, young Leopold and Jane get together and seem to hit it off, but since Leopold is on a very tight budget, Uncle Felix tries to stop their friendship. You see, Uncle Felix wants to hook Jane up with a millionaire so that he can mooch off of the millionaire, and Leopold just doesn't seem to have much money. What we discover is that Leopold just inherited millions, despite his tight budget. Uncle Felix disovers a man who is living in the hotel and wearing expensive clothes, and is sure that he must be a millionaire, so he does all he can to hook him up with Jane. Uncle Felix pretends that they are wealthy in order to attract the attention of the millionaire, but it turns out that the 'millionaire' is a penniless con man just like Uncle Felix, and he is looking for a wealthy woman to support him.

Well, things get really mixed up in this great family drama, but we all know that in the end Joe will get his barber shop, Jane will get her young man, and Irene will skate and dance for us with some good music, making this a pretty good way to spend an afternoon with some youngsters. So grab a bowl of hot, buttered white kernel popcorn, maybe some hot chocolate for you and the youngsters, and gather round to enjoy a wonderful tale of ice skating in Florida in the winter time.