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Frontier Pony Express (April 12, 1939)

Shirley Temple in The Little Princess

Released on April 12, 1939: Roy Rogers is a pony express rider that secretly works for the government trying to uncover Confederate Civil War spies in the north.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Lynne Roberts (Ann Langhorne - listed in credits as Mary Hart), Raymond Hatton (Horseshoe the trapper), Edward Keane (Senator Calhoun Lassiter), Noble Johnson (Luke Johnson), Monte Blue (Cherokee), Don Dillaway (Brett Langhorne), William Royle (Dan Garrett), Ethel Wales (Mrs. Murphy, housekeeper), Ernie Adams (man at the Deer Lodge Station), Earl Askam (Johnson henchman), Chuck Baldra (man at the dance), Hank Bell (Laramie Station Agent), Buel Bryant (St. Joseph townsman), Roy Bucko (Johnson henchman), Fred Burns (St. Joseph Marshal), Fox O'Callahan (Johnson henchman), Bob Card (fiddle player), Horace B. Carpenter (St. Joseph townsman), Burr Caruth (St. Joseph stage agent), Spade Cooley (Charley Weston, pony express rider), Jim Corey (Johnson Henchman), Art Dillard (Johnson henchman at the Pine Ridge Station), Oscar Gahan (fiddle player), Jennifer Gray (girl at the dance), Herman Hack (St. Joseph townsman), Al Haskell (concertina player), Charles King (henchman lookout at the Pine Ridge Station), Jack King (Johnson henchman), Jack Kirk (Union Army Captain), Cactus Mack (the dance announcer), Chris-Pin Martin (Deer Lodge Station agent), Frankie Marvin (St. Joseph townsman who shoots and scares the stagecoach), Robert McKenzie (bartender Larry Burns), Monte Mongague (Henchman at the Pine Ridge Station), George Montgomery (Lieutenant Harris), Bill Nestell (chubby St. Joseph townsman who shoots and scares the stagecoach horses), Jack O'Shea (henchman), Artie Ortego (Johnson henchman), Bud Osborne (Clay Wilson, a Johnson henchman), Vester Pegg (Henchman Doyle), House Peters Jr. (Lieutenant Trent), George Plues (Johnson henchman), Matty Roubert (Chet Logan, express rider), Rudy Sooter (bass player), Carl Stockdale (newspaper typesetter), Harry Strang (Union Army officer), Al Taylor (Johnson henchman).


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