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Love Bound, or Murder on the High Seas (March 1, 1932)

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Love Bound

Released on March 1, 1932: A gold-digging woman gets a huge amount of money by accusing a wealthy man of having an affair, and when his son sets out to expose the gold digger, he encounters love and murder on the high seas.

Directed by Robert F. Hill

The Actors: Jack Mulhall (Dick Randolph, posing as Dick Rowland), Natalie Moorhead (Verna Wilson, alias Vera Wendall), Clara Kimball Young (Mrs. Jane Randolph), Edmund Breese (J.B. 'Lucky' Morrison), Tom Ricketts (the Baron), Alice Day (Claudia Elliott), William V. Mong (Verna's crooked lawyer), Montagu Love (John Randolph), Richard Alexander (Larry, the Randolph chauffeur, posing as J.B. Lucky Morrison), Roy D'Arcy (Juan de Leon), Lynton Brent (Jimmy Wilson), Sidney Bracey (Spriggins), Gordon De Main (Flynn, private eye), Robert F. Hill (ship passenger).

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