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White Zombie (August 4, 1932)

Bela Lugosi in White Zombie

Released on August 4, 1932: (running time 67 minutes) A young couple plans to wed in the exotic West Indies, but before the wedding night can begin, the bride is turned into a White Zombie.

Produced by Eddward Halerin and Phil Goldstone

Directed by Victor Halperin

The Actors: Bela Lugosi ('Murder' Legendre), Madge Bellamy (Madeline Short Parker), Joseph Cawthorn (Dr. Bruner), Robert Frazer (Charles Beaumont), John Harron (Neil Parker), Brandon Hurst (Silver, butler), George Burr Macannan (Von Gelder, Zombie), Frederick Peters (Chauvin, Zombie), Annette Stone (maid), John Printz (Ledot, Zombie), Dan Crimmins (Pierre, witch doctor), Claude Morgan (Zombie), John Fergusson (Zombie), Velma Gresham (teh tall maid), Clarence Muse (coach driver).


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