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Diamond Trail (April 23, 1933)

The Diamond Trail

Released on April 23, 1933: Speed Morgan, a brash and brave newspaper reporter poses as a gangster to help expose the gang of diamond racketeers.

Directed by Harry L. Fraser

The Actors: Rex Bell (Speed Morgan, posing as Frisco Eddie), Frances Rich (Lois Miller), Lloyd Whitlock ('Flash' Barrett), Bud Osborne (Bill Miller), Norman Feusier (Editor Harry Jones), Jerome Storm (Muggs, Barrett henchman), John Webb Dillon (Detective Mac), Billy West (Lefty, henchman), Harry Lamont (Spike), Edward Burns (stable owner), Jack Evans (posse rider), Herman Hack (townsman), Gertrude Messinger (newspaper secretary), Arthur Millett (Sheriff), George Morrell (hotel clerk), Tex Palmer (posse rider), Tiny Sandford (Mullins' gunman).


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Rex BellLloyd Whitlock and Rex Bell
Rex BellLloyd Whitlock and Rex Bell
Gertrude MessingerFrances Rich and Bud Osborne
Gertrude MessingerFrances Rich and Bud Osborne
Rex Bell and Lloyd Whitlock