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By Appointment Only (July 7, 1933)

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By Appointment Only

Released on July 7, 1933: A doctor raises an orphan daughter of a patient that died, and the girl soon grows to compete for the doctors love with his fiancee.

Directed by Frank R. Strayer

The Actors: Lew Cody (Doctor Michael Travers), Aileen Pringle (Diane Manners), Sally O'Neil (Judy Carroll), Edward Morgan (Richard 'Dick' Manners), Edward Martindel (Judge Barry Phelps), Wilson Benge (Wesley Luther Cavendish Withers, the butler), Marceline Day (Miss 'Brownie' Brown), Claire McDowell (Mary Carroll), Pauline Garon (Gwen Reid), Gladys Blake (Helen the switchboard operator), Henry Hall (the Reverend), Pat Harmon (expressman), Fred Parker (butler).


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Do all women raise one leg into the air when they kiss a man, or is that only in the movies? The girl rushes across the room to greet the fellow . . . they embrace and the gal lifts her face to meet his, and as lips touch . . . her left foot leaves the floor and bends up with her spike heel pointing to the heavens. In this movie about a doctor and the two women in his life, his fiancée is NOT the gal whose foot leaves the floor when kissing him . . . I'd better explain.

The good doctor Mike is very busy and very successful. He is engaged to Diane Manners, but they see very little of each other. He is busy with his medical practice, and she is busy with her social circle. As the movie opens it is September 14 - the doctor's birthday. He has a big dinner planned for himself and his girlfriend Diane, but she doesn't even remember that it is his birthday, and she has plans with her society girlfriends that are more important than an evening with Michael on his birthday. So Doctor Mike will be eating his birthday dinner alone. But wait . . . the doctor's final patient of the day is a sick old lady who dies before he can do anything for her. On his way out of the office after the old gal's death, he meets a young girl who turns out to be the daughter of the lady who just died. With no other family, the girl will be lost without her mother, and guess what? This day, September 14, is her birthday also. So the doctor takes her home for a birthday dinner, and soon the doctor decides to take little Judy in as his ward. Fast forward three years and little Judy is 18 years old now, and the cute little perky thing just loves Uncle Mike more than anything in the world. Her left foot rises toward heaven when she kisses him on his return from a three year absence in Europe. The doctor's girlfriend was never this excited to see the doctor. Is it adult-like love or just a young girl's family love for the man who cared for her as an orphan? The doctor's girlfriend's brother enters the picture and wants to marry young Judy, but there is some secret about young Dick that makes Uncle Mike wary of young Judy and Dick as a couple. Or is it that Uncle Mike, the good doctor, really wants young Judy for himself? Hmmmm . . . .

Pop your white kernel popcorn in a big pan on the top of the stove, and drizzle plenty of warm melted butter on it before you sit down to enjoy this one . . . and you will enjoy it . . . just you wait and see!

Aileen PringleLew Cody
Aileen Pringle - 1933Lew Cody - 1933
Sally O'NeilEdward Martindale and Wilson Benge
Sally O'NeilEdward Martindel and Wilson Benge
Edward MorganMarceline Day and Claire McDowell
Edward MorganMarcelline Day and Claire McDowell
Pauline Garon and Gladys BlakeAileen Pringle
Pauline Garon and Gladys BlakeAileen Pringle
Edward MartindelLew Cody and Aileen Pringle
Edward Martindel - 1933Lew Cody and Aileen Pringle
Lew Cody and Edward MorganLew Cody and Sally O'Neil
Lew Cody and Edward MorganLew Cody and Sally O'Neil
Marceline DaySally O'Neil and Edward Morgan
Marceline DaySally O'Neil and Edward Morgan
Sally O'Neil and Lew CodyWilson Benge
Sally O'Neil and Lew CodyWilson Benge