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The Three Stooges in Disorder in the Court (May 30, 1936)

The Three Stooges in Disorder in the Court

Released May 30, 1936: Larry Curly and Moe help a dancer prove that she didn't murder Kirk Robbin.

Directed by Jack White

The Actors: Curly Howard (Curly), Larry Fine (Larry), Moe Howard (Moe), Suzanne Kaaren (Gail Tempest), Nick Baskovich (man in hallway), Alice Belcher (juror), Hank Bell (juror in the back row), Dan Brady (juror), Sol Horowitz (front row of court audience), Jenny Horowitz (woman in front row of court audience), Bud Jamison (the defense attorney), Tiny Jones (juror), Eddie Laughton (man sitting by letterpress), Edward LeSaint (the judge), James C. Morton (court clerk), Ed Mull (man in hallway), William J. O'Brien (juror), Harry Semels (the district attorney), Arthur Thalasso (man in hallway), Al Thompson (the Bailiff).


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This is one of four Three Stooges classic movie shorts that became public domain because the copyright was not renewed. In this one our hapless trio play in a band that provides music for a burlesque queen Gail Tempest. One night Gail is discovered in a room with her dead boyfriend Kirk Robbin, and she is holding the murder weapon in her hand. The Stooges testify in her behalf, and in the end find the evidence to clear Ms Tempest.