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The Border Patrolman (June 20, 1936)

George O'Brien in The Border Patrolman

Released June 20, 1936: (running time 59 minutes) Parents of a young girl hire a border patrolman to watch over their wayward daughter when she gets involved with Mexican jewel theives.

Produced by Sol Lesser

Directed by David Howard

The Actors: George O'Brien (Bob Wallace), Polly Ann Young (Patricia Huntley), Smiley Burnette (Chuck Owens), LeRoy Mason (Courtney Maybrook), Mary Doran (Myra), Al Hill (Frank Adams), William P. Carleton (Jeremiah Huntley), Tom London (Johnson), Frank Campeau (Captain Stevens), Charles Coleman (Collins the servant), Lester Dorr (garage attendant), Martin Garralaga (Carlos the Cantina proprietor), Lloyd Ingraham (man at swimming pool), George MacQuarrie (Jim Riker), Chris-Pin Martin (Mexican giving directions), Gertrude Messinger (telephone operator), Cyril Ring (Ed Hendricks), John St. Polis (Mannning)


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Patricia Huntley is the granddaughter of a wealthy man, and is just a bit spoiled by the wealth. She is a fun-loving girl that likes to have her own way, and gets great joy from people that suck up to her because of her grandfather's wealth. She has a boyfriend that is a jewel thief, and she helps him smuggle the jewels that he steals across the Arizona border to Mexico to be fenced. It is all great fun for Patricia, and while she likes the thief and spends a lot of time with him, he wants to marry her and get into the real money. Enter a very young George O'Brien as border patrolman Bob Wallace. He catches her and her thief boyfriend smoking in an area that is forbidden, because of the threat of fire. She laughs and deliberately lights up a cigarette in front of him. He writes her a citation, which she promptly tears up as she laughes at him. Bob isn't put off by that, and orders her to accompany him to the border patrol office to pay her fine. When she refuses, he puts her over his shoulder and takes her to the office. In the office, Patricia tells Bob's boss that Bob was nasty to her, swore at her, and brought her in for no reason, as she put out her cigarette the instant he pointed out the 'no smoking' sign. Bob's boss orders Bob to apologize to her, so Bob does, and then hands in his badge and quits his job.

Patricia feels badly because Bob lost his job, and asks her grandfather to make it right. The grandfather speaks with the Border Patrol boss to have him get Bob back on the job, but the Border Patrol boss says that he's already tried to convince Bob to take his job again, but Bob refuses. Finally gramps gets Bob to meet him and talks him into a job watching over Patricia and keeping her out of trouble. For some reason Bob accepts, and succeeds in putting a damper on Patricia's wild ways. Patricia gets very angry at Bob, but we can tell that she is going to fall for him. One crisis leads to another until there is a showdown between Patricia, Bob, and the gangsters in the desert between Mexico and Arizona, when Patricia must decide who she will stand with . . . her boyfriend the jewel thief, or Bob, the straight-and-narrow man that tries to keep her out of trouble.

This is a different kind of western, with young George O'Brien and Smiley Burnette in an action packed adventure that will keep you very involved while you munch your popcorn.