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The Law Rides (June 25, 1936)

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The Law Rides

Released on June 25, 1936: Cowboy Bruce Conway is left in the desert to die by the outlaw that killed his girl friend's brother and stole the dead man's gold mine.

Directed by Robert N. Bradbury

The Actors: Bob Steele (Bruce Conway), Harley Wood (Arline Lewis), Buck Connors (Whitey), Charles King (Hank Davis), Margaret Mann (Mrs. Lewis), Jack Rockwell (Sheriff Anderson), Norman Neilsen (Jack Lewis), Barney Furey (henchman Pete), George Ball (lyncher), Budd Buster (lyncher Tex), Art Dillard (henchman), Jack Hendricks (lyncher Jack), Ted Mapes (henchman Ed), Dick Morehead (deputy), George Morrell (lynch mob member), Horace Murphy (county recorder), Tex Palmer (henchman), Blackie Whiteford (henchman).


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If you want to be in movies, and you have the same last name as a motion picture legend . . . sometimes you change your name so that no one will know that you are related to the legend. No, I'm not talking about Nicolas Cage, whose real name is Nicolas Coppola, I'm going way back to the early days of motion pictures. Our hero, actor Bob Steele, had a very famous papa who directed movies from the beginning days of motion pictures in 1918 until 1941, a few years after this movie was filmed. Bob Steele had the acting passion since he was old enough to walk, and when he filmed this cowboy adventure in 1936 at the age of 29 he was a genuine movie star because of his acting abilities, not because of his last name. Bob Steele made up his movie credits last name, and he possibly chose 'Steele' because in those days J.P. Morgan, financial tycoon, had put together the largest steel conglomerate in the world and named it U.S. Steel, merging the huge Andrew Carnegie mills in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a handful of smaller steel mills around the country. Steel was king in the early 1900's, and that is exactly what Bob Steele wanted as his image. He started his motion picture career in 1920, and before that year was over he had changed his movie credit name from 'Bob Bradbury Jr.' to 'Bob Steele.' His father, legendary movie director Robert Bradbury directed this movie and 124 more. Ahh, but that isn't the end of this family affair . . . you see . . . Bob 'Robert Bradbury' Steele had a twin brother, William C. 'Bill' Bradbury who was coaxed into some of papa's movies. His acting ambition was probably not as passionate as brother Bob's, because he didn't change his name, and only performed in 14 movies, mostly shorts, and always with brother Bob in the cast, and directed by papa Robert Bradbury. Even after his father stopped directing movies Bob Steele continued his acting career, performing in 239 movies and television shows from 1920 until 1974 when he was 67 years old.

Barney Furey
Barney Furey, as the main henchman, has a showdown with hero Bob Steele.
Charles King and Bob Steele
Charles King is captured by Bob Steele after he kills the owner of the new gold mine.
Buck Connors and Bob Steele
Buck Connors and Bob Steele as they approach the lynching mob trying to hang the outlaw Hank Davis, played by Charles King.
Buck Connors
Buck Connors, as old bachelor Whitey, telling about the time that he almost got married.
Budd Buster
Budd Buster
Charles King
Charles King, as outlaw Hank Davis, doesn't like the looks of the hanging rope that the lynch mob is about to put around his neck.
Charles King
Charles King, as outlaw Hank Davis, in The Law Rides
Dick Morehead and Jack Rockwell
Dick Morehead and Jack Rockwell
Harley Wood and Bob Steele
Harley Wood and Bob Steele
Harley Wood and Horace Murphy
Harley Wood and Horace Murphy
Harley Wood and Margaret Mann
Harley Wood and Margaret Mann discover the map of the new gold mine hidden in his watch.
Harley Wood
Harley Wood in 1936
Jack Rockwell and Bob Steele
Jack Rockwell and Bob Steele
Margaret Mann
Margaret Mann as Ma Lewis, waiting for her son to come home from prospecting for gold.
Margaret Mann
Margaret Mann in 1936
Norman Neilsen
Norman Neilsen as prospector Jack Lewis, as he finds his treasure of gold.