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Secret Agent (June 15, 1936)

Shirley Temple in The Little Princess

Released on June 15, 1936: A WWI spy thriller with three British Agents sent to assassinate the same enemy General. This is an early Hitchcock thriller with John Geilgud, Peter Lorre and Robert Young.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

The Actors: John Gielgud (Ashenden), Peter Lorre (the General), Madeleine Carroll (Elsha), Robert Young (Marvin), Percy Marmont (Caypor), Florence Kahn (Mrs. Caypor), Charles Carson ('R'), Lilli Palmer (Lilli), Sebastian Cabot (unconfirmed role), Tom Helmore (Colonel Anderson), Andreas Malandrinos (manager), Miles Malleson (bit part), Howard Marion-Crawford (Karl, Lilli's fiance), Rene Ray (maid), Michael Saint-Denis (coachman).


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